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Our Mahi

We offer an independent sustainability assessment to provide the best and most efficient options to produce sustainable electricity. We also manage installation of electricity generating units specialising in hydro generation, however, we also have experience in all forms of renewable energy including geothermal generation, wind and solar power.

Desktop Assessment

The DTA (desktop assessment) is our first step in understanding the most potential energy options you have available. This assessment is done remotely by utilises topographic mapping systems, flow analytics, historical and researched data.

Information we gather for the desktop assessment shows potential options for harnessing energy without us physically being on-site. The DTA provides estimates of potential energy generation or revenue estimates for your Marae or Papa kainga. These are to be treated as estimates only.


Our 3 Phase Strategy

We implement renewable energy installation and power sustainability over 3 phases, each with differing levels of engagement. We pride ourselves on acting in the best interest of the Iwi, hapu and whenua and will pro-actively manage the project from day one to beyond completion providing training in maintenance, protection and preservation, also ensuring environmental impacts are mitigated

Phase 1


Onsite inspection of the whenua and resources. Areas of Interest, methods available, hydro flows, land stability, wahi tapu and boundaries.

Phase 2


An in-depth feasibility study of project costs including revenue analysis, unit design, environmental resource consent and training needs.

Phase 3


Engage in contractors, complete onsite construction of energy unit and outline operational and maintenance requirements.

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